Unique Custom Aquarium Designs


Custom aquariums are always an interesting attraction for people who enter and exit a commercial building. Unique aquarium shapes and their interior environments are enough entertainment to make people slow down and watch the swimming fish, growing corals, and plants contained therein. Here are some unique custom aquarium designs found in some commercial buildings:  

  • Free-Form Aquariums Following Architectural Structures—Free-form aquariums that follow the shapes of architectural structures like staircases, walkways, and other constructions are always interesting. These free-form aquariums are usually attached to nearby structures on at least one side. This structural attachment allows for a background to be painted on the attached side of the aquarium tank. 
  • Ceiling Aquariums—Ceiling aquariums are mounted in the ceilings of commercial spaces and give the viewer a unique view of the aquarium fish contained in the tank—that is, the undersides of the swimming fish. This unique view of aquarium fish gets a lot of attention from people passing by or standing in amazement while watching the fish and reef plants. 
  • Archway Aquariums—These interesting aquariums reach from the floor to the ceiling in columns and expand across the ceiling to another upright column. Archway aquariums operate just as ceiling aquariums do and give the viewer a side view as well as an underside view of the fish within the tank. 
  • L-Shaped and Angle L-Shaped Aquariums—When adjacent to a wall, L-shaped and angle L-shaped aquariums are built to follow the corner of a room or go around a column or other architectural structure. This aquarium configuration gives the aquarium fish different areas in which to swim. If large enough, these aquariums encourage different fish to dominate certain areas. When smaller, these aquariums operate as one single habitat.  
  • Concave and Convex Aquariums—Convex aquariums bulge out on the sides to give the fish in the aquarium more water in which to swim. These aquariums are sometimes called bubble aquariums, or double bubble aquariums. Concave aquariums collapse in on the sides and give aquarium fish a narrow channel in which to travel from one swimming area into another swimming area. These aquariums are sometimes called inverted bowfront or double-inverted bowfront aquariums.  
  • Other Unique Aquariums—Large commercial aquariums can also incorporate unique structures within their tanks to create different habitats for schools of fish. These unique structures include shipwrecks, sunken cities, buried treasure, fantasy environments such as mermaid enclosures, and sunken and floating islands. These structures, together with the fish that inhabit them, can create their own audience and interest within a commercial building. 

Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, you will want your aquarium to get attention and interest from the public. Constructing a shaped aquarium or an aquarium with an interesting fish habitat can be just the attention-getting attraction that you need to make your commercial building a pleasure for the public to visit or walk through. Contact a custom aquarium designer for further details.


17 November 2015

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