Stay! How To Train Your Dog To Stay In The Yard


Dogs have the propensity to yearn for whatever is outside of their home's perimeter, and many animals run away from home, never to be found again. It's important that your dog understands where his or her boundaries are so they understand how to stay in the yard and not wander off into the street or away from home. While installing a standard, traditional fence or an from a company like A Dream Pet Store can be helpful to keep Fido at home, there are also training methods you can use to prevent them from wandering outside of your yard.

Start Indoors

It's best to start training your dog to understand boundaries inside first before moving to the outside so they can grasp the general concept without all of the temptations that come with being outside. Purchase some small marker flags you can find at most hardware stores, and strategically place them in random locations in a large room. These flags will create a virtual boundary that your dog will learn to obey by using positive reinforcement. Buy some special treats or give your dog a small piece of meat for this exercise so they really understand the importance of successful training. Show your dog how to approach the flags and stop on your command. Whenever they obey, reward them and whenever they disobey and run past the flags, have them repeat the exercise until they learn to stop at the designated flags.

Outside Training

After approximately one to two weeks of indoor training, you can move the exercise outside. Using the same flags, space them apart along the fence or property line of your yard. A distance of about eight to ten feet should be sufficient depending on the size of your yard, and the flags should be evenly placed apart. Start by walking your dog along the line of flags and see if they stop at each one just as they did indoors. When they do, reward them with their special treats to reinforce that they're doing things correctly. Practice this training several times per day for at least four to eight weeks so your dog fully understands that this area is the boundary they should stay within.

Maintaining The Boundary

You can increase the distance between the flags over time to work on creating a solid understanding of boundaries for your dog. If the dog ignores your commands regarding the flags but still returns to you when you call, do not punish them. Instead, simply praise them without giving them a treat. By praising your dog when they return to you, they're still understanding that you are their master and they should listen when you call. Bring toys into the yard so that this area is a fun place your dog will want to stay within. With patience, practice and time, you can condition your dog to realize what their limits are when it comes to playing outdoors.


26 April 2016

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