Bringing Puppy Home: Supplies You Should Have In Advance


How much is the doggy in the window? He's the one with the wagging tail, cute face, and fun temperament that you just can't wait to bring home with you as your own. But, before you whisk that new puppy off to start a new life in your home as the family pet, you better make sure you are well prepared for the change. Caring for a puppy is totally different than taking care of a full grown dog. There are some supplies that you should make sure you have on hand right from the beginning.

Puppy Training Pads - It takes some time to get a puppy used to the idea that they can't just relieve themselves wherever they want in the house. However, you can usually get your new doggy to use a training pad instead of the carpet with a little encouragement. Plus, the training pads work well to situate in a crate as well.

Chew Toys - From about four to ten months old, puppies will be going through a chewing stage because they are actually losing puppy teeth and growing their adult teeth. Anything that is within reach will become an ideal item to chew on, whether it is your shoes or the furniture. Make sure you have plenty of chewable toys available for your puppy, such as bones and leather toys, to keep him or her from chewing on everything else.

Puppy Food - Find a good puppy food that is formulated just for younger dogs. Puppies need a different level of nutrition than adult dogs, so even if they can eat regular dog kibble, it will not be as healthy for them as puppy food. Plus, puppy food is usually small for easy chewing and can even be semi-moist or soft to cater to those smaller teeth.

Collar and Leash - Puppies have no training, so taking them for a walk in which they stay right by your feet is just a romantic notion that probably will not be true. Pick him up a collar and a good leash for taking walks, as an energetic puppy will need a lot of exercise and their small bladder means they will need to go much more often.

Dog Crate - The last thing you want to do is leave a new puppy to roam unsupervised while you're not home or in bed. You could wake up to find messes that you never thought one little dog could make. Invest in a good dog crate for containment during times when you will not be available to keep an eye on your new pup.

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23 May 2016

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