Four Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Supplies For Your New Chinchilla


Chinchillas can make for delightfully fluffy and docile pets, but they do require a little more care and maintenance than your average gerbil or hamster. Although these unique creatures are hardy and convenient in many ways, they have special needs that must be met to ensure they live happily and comfortably, including a few unique pet supplies. As you shop around to prepare for your new pet chinchilla's arrival, make sure you have these four items ready to go beforehand. 

Choosing the Right Cage

Chinchillas tend to sleep throughout the day, which may leave you with the impression that they are lazy. But these animals are actually more active at night or around dusk and dawn, and they need plenty of space to hop, roam and climb while they are awake. Because of this, you should buy as large a cage as your budget will allow. Choose one with multiple levels for your chinchilla to jump to and from, and never buy a cage with a wire floor. Wire mesh can cause injury to your chinchilla, particularly if it jumps down from a platform too hard. Opt instead for a solid floor lined with hay. 

Keeping Teeth Short

Like other rodents, a chinchilla's teeth never stop growing. In the wild, chewing on food and nearby plants is enough to keep teeth short and manageable, but your pet may need a little extra help in captivity. Use specially designed chewing logs or chewing treats in your chinchilla's cage. Avoid salt or mineral blocks, since they may interfere with your chinchilla's nutritional balance. 

Practicing Good Hygiene

One of the major benefits of chinchillas as pets is that their fur is so dense and soft that pests like fleas simply cannot survive on them. These desert animals adapted to an environment where rain and standing water are scarce, which means they also adapted very different hygiene methods than, for example, a cat or dog. You will need to give your chinchilla regular dust baths to keeps its coat shiny and healthy. Most pet supply stores sell specially formulated dust for this purpose. 

Providing a Source of Exercise

If you don't intend to let your chinchilla out of its cage regularly, it will need another source of exercise to stay active and stimulated. Do not buy the rolling balls meant for hamsters and smaller rodents, since they can be hard on a chinchilla's spine and lead to injury. Instead, buy a solid plastic running wheel and a few puzzle toys to keep your pet moving and thinking. With the right preparations and pet supplies, you should be able to provide an ideal, safe and loving home for your new companion. 

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11 July 2016

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