4 Ways To Keep Your Cats Safe This Holiday Season


The holiday season can be a very beautiful time of year. However, it can also present a lot of hazards to your cat. You need to take some extra steps to make sure that you keep your cat safe this holiday season.

#1 Keep Food Away from Your Cat

Make sure that you keep food away from your cats. Do not put out food and leave it unattended. Remember that your cat can easily jump up on tables and get access to your food. Your cat should naturally know how to stay away from certain foods, such as avocadoes, chocolate and onions. However, when those foods are combined with other ingredients, they can smell appealing to your cat.

Those are not the only food that can hurt your cat. Eating foods that have lots of dairy in them can cause diarrhea and eating foods high in sodium can make your cat feel ill as well. Try to not leave food out and unattended during the holiday season. If you are going to leave food unattended, like when you have appetizers set out for a party, put your cat in a bedroom or somewhere else safe so that your cat will not get into food that they shouldn't.

#2 Secure Loose Cords

Loose cords from lights can look like toys to your cat, especially if your cat likes to play with bright objects or enjoys playing string based games. An electrical cord for a Christmas lights can look just like another great toy to play with. Hang lights up high where your cat cannot get to them. With any loose cords, make sure that you secure them. You can secure them by taping them to the wall or using zip ties to secure the lights. This will help keep your cat out of your holiday lights.

#3 Be Careful with Candles

Cats like things that are bright, flicker and are warm, making candles a great toy for them. When you light candles, make sure that they are placed up high and in locations that are hard for your cat to get to.

Also, never leave candles unattended. This is a good idea in general, but a very important idea when you have cats in your house.

#4 Keep Holiday Plants Out Of Your Home

There are lots of indoor plants that are popular during the holiday times that are partially or fully toxic for your cat. Keep poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, amaryllis and lilies out of your home. If you like how these plants look, use silk flower versions of these plants instead. If your cat eats or chews on these plants, their health and wellbeing could seriously be at risk.

When you decorate your house, think about what items your cat would be attracted to and work to keep them away from those items. Also, be careful and keep an eye on things like candles and food that could harm your cat as well. 

When you are not home during the holiday season, use cat fences to contain your cat to parts of the home where there are  not holiday decorations or foods that could harm them. When you have holiday parties where food items will be left out, use cat fences as well to keep your cat somewhere safe for the duration of the party. A local cat fencing supplies company can tell you more. Keep a close eye on your cat this holiday season and keep them away from decorations and foods that could be detrimental to their health. 


26 November 2017

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