Here's Why Pet Hemp/CBD Products Are Safe For Pets When Pot Isn't


Marijuana and hemp products for pets are becoming more widespread as well as more popular. However, if you're a pet owner, you might feel confused or worried at the notion of giving your pet one of these products. After all, pets often encounter marijuana that their owners have and can become poisoned by it if they eat it. So, what's to say that your pet will be any safer with pet hemp products? Here's why.


One of the biggest dangers of pets eating marijuana products is what else is in it. It's very rare for pets to make the news for chewing on a marijuana plant. Instead, it's usually an edible—in other words, a tasty snack with a hidden dose of pot inside of it.

As you probably know as either a cat or dog owner—or both—many foods that are safe and tasty for humans aren't safe for your pets. Dogs, for example, can be badly poisoned by chocolate. Cats are at risk when exposed to things like aspartame, the artificial sweetener. As such, any kind of treat that has marijuana in it intended for humans is potentially dangerous to pets, and not because of the pot that's in it at all.


Another big problem with pets encountering their owners' pot products is the dosage. Like all medications, THC and CBD content in marijuana products is measured in milligrams. Humans can consume several milligrams to experience a beneficial effect, but that may be entirely too much for a pet.

When you add to this, the possibility of a pet consuming an edible that was intended to be more than one dose for a human, it can become particularly dangerous. In short, the pets who overdose on pot products are often consuming way too much pot at once.


Lastly, pets typically overdose on THC-heavy pot products intended for people. THC is the chemical that provides the feel-good high that marijuana is best known for. However, that isn't the only chemical that can be found in marijuana or hemp.

CBD is another chemical that doesn't have a psychoactive effect, but does help to reduce pain. This chemical is what's used in the majority of pet hemp products, as it's both legal and not dangerous for pets to be around. In comparison, most human products contain some or a great deal of THC.

Pet hemp or marijuana products can be quite safe so long as you get them from a reputable seller and follow the dosage directions carefully. Talk to your vet if you have further questions about hemp for dogs or cats.


12 December 2018

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