Why A Reptile Is A Good Choice For A Child's Pet


The addition of a pet reptile to your home can provide countless hours of entertainment for your family, regardless of what type of reptile you choose. If you have children, you might even think of buying a reptile for the child to specifically have as their pet. While cats and dogs are more conventional pets, choosing a reptile — perhaps a lizard, a snake, or even a turtle — as a pet for your child can be a good decision for the child and for you. Here are some reasons to consider a reptile as a child's pet.

They Can Live A Long Time

For a child, it can be highly traumatic to have a pet die. Children often struggle with this type of loss, even in their teenage years. Some cats and dogs can die at relatively young ages, which may be a concern if you're looking to buy a pet for a child who is still young. In this situation, a reptile may be a better choice. While the lifespan of reptiles varies from animal to animal and can depend on several factors, lots of reptiles will live for quite a long time. Turtles, for example, will generally live for several decades, depending on their specific species. This means that you won't have to worry about the pet dying and upsetting your child while they're still young.

They're A Hands-Off Pet

Some parents worry about the way that their children physically handle certain pets. For example, some kids can be a little rough when handling cats and dogs, potentially pulling their tails and ears. As a parent, you might worry that this behavior could cause a pet to bite your child. Reptiles are a good choice for a child's pet because there's little need to handle them. Whereas a cat can be tempting to touch because it shares its living space with your family, your child's pet reptile will be safe in its terrarium and out of reach.

They Have An Interesting Look

It's impossible to deny that a reptile can make for an exciting pet for your child simply because of its interesting appearance. Most children have seen countless cats and dogs during their formative years but may not have seen many reptiles in person. If your child loves learning about dinosaurs, you might favor buying them a lizard as a pet. There are lots of visual similarities between lizards and dinosaurs, and you can expect that your child will find this type of pet appealing. Look online to find the right reptile to buy your child.

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25 June 2021

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