Why You Should Get Your Next Dog From A Professional Breeder


Are you in the market for a new puppy? While there are a variety of options out there, as far as where you can buy your next pet, going to a professional dog breeder provides some benefits you might not be able to find elsewhere. Here's why you should look into working with a professional dog breeder to find the perfect pet for you.

Breed a Unique Dog

Are you looking for a mixed breed that isn't commonly available at the local pet shop? You could, for example, be looking for Labradoodle puppies because you want a dog that has the high energy of a Labrador but also a pet that won't shed like a poodle. Find a local breeder who is looking to breed those specific types of dogs and you may soon get the puppy you've always wanted.

Testing for Genetics

Professional breeders typically do a good job of testing all dogs they intend to breed in a variety of ways. The dogs will be checked for health issues, and some dogs may undergo genetic testing to make sure the litter is not likely to have any serious problems. This is a good way to ensure that your new puppy will be set up to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Get the Exact Type of Dog You Want

You can turn to a breeder to get a unique mixed breed, but you can also use a breeder to find a dog that is what you want as far as size or energy level. Perhaps you want a lap dog or one that you can go running with. Maybe you want a high-energy dog to play with or you want a dog that will be calmer and hopefully spare your furniture any grief. Contact a local dog breeder with your requirements and they may be able to help.

Early Training

A puppy that is born to a litter overseen by a professional dog breeder is likely to receive excellent early care and also some early training. Your new puppy won't know how to do that many tricks just yet but it may have been encouraged to be on good behavior even early on in life. This may make training easier in the future.

Continued Support

Lots of dog breeders are interested in keeping tabs on where the puppies they helped bring into the world end up going. If you need help finding a veterinarian or a dog trainer, your breeder might have some contacts who can help and will be happy to put you in touch.

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22 February 2023

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